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The Next Tai Chi Workshop wil be September 14th, Eternal Spring Workshop will be September 28th, Nei Kung will be October 26th. register here

Fall 2014 Special Classes (classes will begin when enough people sign up)

Meditation I will begin September 10. Meditation I is an introductory 10-week course in Gradnmaster Chu's 5-step meditation technique. If you wish to begin or renew your meditation practice, this is the class to start with. Class will closely follow the Chu Meditation book, which you can purchase in our store. Contact the office to sign up today.

Nei Kung Improvement, begins September 11th. For Nei Kung practitioners who have been through the Introductory Workshop, this 10-week class will help you to better understand the 10 postures of Grandmaster Chu's system. Classes will consist of discussion, demonstration and correction of each posture, one at a time, over 10 weeks. Instructor: Master Harris.


November 2013: Alan Furth wrote a piece, "Minimalist Meditation & the Taoist Warrior Spirit," about learning Taoist meditation from Grandmaster Chu in Elephant Journal.

NEW: We are now streaming on Vimeo. Check out our portfolio here. If you want to take our online courses, you first need to sign up for a basic (free) membership with Vimeo. Then, pay a small fee through paypal. It's easy - try it!

Private Classes by Skype now available. Read more.


New & Prospective Students

CK Chu Tai Chi is located at 156 W. 44th St (Broadway and 6th Ave. - Times Square) in New York City. Classes seven days a week for all ages and abilities at world-famous Times Square studio since 1973. CK Chu Tai Chi was founded by Grand Master C.K. Chu.

Health & self-defense classes include Tai Chi, Nei Kung, Eternal Spring Chi Kung, and Meditation.

New students can browse the frequently asked questions, student testimonials, press mentions, and photo gallery, or call 212-221-6110. Inquire also about the Training Program for Tournament Fighting and specialized programs for elder health.

Book cover Why Tai Chi?


New From CK Chu Tai Chi!
Over his four decades of teaching tai chi, Master Chu was asked a multitude of questions about tai chi, fighting, Taoism, Meditation, and Sex. These questions and his answers are now available in Why Tai Chi? He explains why tai chi is good for health, good for fighting, good for sex, and good for YOU! The first print run is limited - so buy yours today!

New T-Shirts!

At long last, the new CK Chu Tai Chi Short Form Chart - the most detailed tai chi form poster on the market. This poster has nearly 500 photos depicting every move and transition of the short form. This poster is an indispensible study aid for the tai chi practitioner. On sale now for only $30!

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Can't make it in the afternoon? Join us for Morning Eternal Spring Classes! (see schedule)

Eternal Spring Classes will be offered at more than 50% off regular price on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 a.m. in the studio. Combined with free classes in Bryant Park, this means Eternal Spring Classes every weekday morning! Call for details (212) 221-7333.

Please note:  Free Eternal Spring Classes in Bryant Park are only from May - September. 

Go to the new Free Tai Chi in Bryant Park Facebook page. 

Read about our Teacher Certification Program here. Current students can convert previous course work for free! Click here to learn more.

The New York Times reported today on a new study on tai chi's benefits for elderly people's depression.

Another story on Tai Chi in the New York Times (9-28-2010).
Jane E. Brody argues the health benefits of Tai Chi are so obvious and profound - why wouldn't you do it?

Benefits of Tai Chi Reported on in New York Times (8-19-2010)


Master Chu's Books as Official College Textbooks (3/5/09)
Master Chu consulted on the creation of the Martial Arts Studies B.A. Program at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. This program is the only one of its kind in the U.S. and his student Dan Zegibe teaches his system as part of the curriculum. Master Chu's tai chi, Nei Kung, Eternal Spring and meditation books are the official textbooks for the course.
 For more information on the Martial Arts Studies B.A. Program, contact University of Bridgeport International College.

Master Chu in the Press
November 2013: Alan Furth just wrote a piece, "Minimalist Meditation & the Taoist Warrior Spirit," about learning Taoist meditation from Master Chu in Elephant Journal.

November 2010: Master C.K. Chu was recently profiled in an online travel magazine, Kiss From The World. See the video here.

Read Violet Li's coverage of our most popular outreach program - Eternal Spring in Bryant Park - at examiner.com (10-27-10).

Master Chu on Fox Business Channel with Larry Holmes and Don King! See video and other articles.

Student John Signoriello voted 2006 Competitor of the Year by US International Kuoshu Association (July 2007)
CLICK HERE to read more about the Baltimore kickboxing and push-hands competitions.

Q&A by Master Chu
Purchase the new edition of "Q&A by Master Chu," a subscription-based newsletter of Master Chu's answers to student questions ranging from tai chi, meditation, and Taoist philosophy to nei kung, nutrition, and fighting applications.
 Special intruductory price for subscription is $25 for 12 issues delivered through email. Send your tai chi questions using our online form or click here to subscribe. Back issues can also be purchased individually for $3 each.

Upcoming Holidays 2014
CK Chu Tai Chi will be closed for the following dates:

Labor Day Weekend, August 30th to September 1.
Thanksgiving Weekend, November 27th to 30th.
Christmas Eve/Day, December 24 - 25.
New Years Eve/Day, December 31 to January 1.

Chi Kung, Nei Kung and Tai Chi Books, Videos and Other Products

The following books and videos created by Master C.K. Chu can be used while attending classes and for self-study.


Chu Tai Chi
Short Form DVD


The Book of
Nei Kung


Tai Chi Chuan Principles
and Practice

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Eternal Spring
Chi Kung DVD


Chu Meditation
A Step-by-Step Guide

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The New CK Chu Tai Chi Short Form Chart

More About CK Chu Tai Chi

International Correspondence Certification Courses
International Correspondence Certification Courses are now offered for Eternal Spring Chi Kung and Nei Kung. Contact us for details.

Tai Chi Chuan Center
Tai Chi Chuan Center is an IRS-approved non-profit organization. Please visit www.taichichuancenter.org to learn more about the organization and the Eternal Spring Tai Chi program.

Nei Kung in Los Angeles, California
Nei Kung, Master C.K. Chu's unique system of internal chi kung, is now available in Los Angeles through James Borrelli - one of only two instructors in the world certified by Master Chu to teach this treasured classic discipline. Visit his website at NeikungLA.com for details.

Tai Chi Chuan Centro di studio Lucca, Italy
Riccardo Consani teaches the art of tai chi chuan, including Nei Kung, under the guidance of Master C.K. Chu.

Mpls Tai Chi Chuan
Master Chu's curriculum is now being taught in Minneapolis, Minnesota, through occassional workshops by Jeremy W. Hubbell. Contact the office at CK Chu Tai Chi for more information.

Updated: July 4th, 2014
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